Instructions for installation of Superflip and EDMA

Installation from the source code

Superflip and EDMA can be compiled on any system with a functioning Fortran 90 compiler. The installation of superflip from the source code is described in detail in the user manual of superflip. Please study the corresponding chapter carefully. Especially pay attention to the installation of the FFTW3 library, since slightly nonstandard compilation settings are necessary. Compilation of EDMA should be straigtforward, you just need to edit the Makefile to enable the header that corresponds to your compiler.

Executable for Windows 2000/XP

The executables for the Windows has been produced using combined MinGW and cygwin environments. However, for running superflip or EDMA you do not need to install any of these packages, all you need is the executable file. Download the file and and unpack it to the directory of your choice. Make sure the path to this directory is included in your system environment variable PATH (Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment Variables).

Now you can run superflip and EDMA from the command prompt using the syntax described in the user manual.

Executables for MacOS X v 10.4.x

Superflip and EDMA for MacOS should be called from the X11 terminal. Download the archive and, unzip it and copy the executable to a suitable location in your system (typically /usr/bin). Make sure this location is included in your system variable PATH. Run superflip or EDMA from the terminal using the syntax described in the user manual.

RPM packages for Linux (optimized for Centos 5)

These packages are kindly provided by Pascal Parois from University of Glasgow. Please refer to his website. Please note that the packages might be updated somewhat later than the packages and source codes downloadable directly from this server.

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